East Fremantle Lacrosse Club

EFLC History


These 12 Agr ladies played successfully together for a few years. It was a time of 12 a side, NO substitutes, timeouts, yellow cards, eye protections, offside rule, 15m or 11m rules. Also at a time when there was only one (1) Aussie team selection options, Senior, No 19’s or 23 ASPAC team opportunities. Some of Australia’s best came out of this period.

East Fremantle Lacrosse Club have been very successful over the years in producing a rather large number of Australian team representatives in both men’s and women’s lacrosse. This photo has 5 of those such players. Ag Coach Frant Poat, and players, Helen Goddard, Wendy Hawks, Nicci Badham, Libby Mounsey.

Following on from the above history there are also six East Fremantle Life Members and 2 current board members and three are still play in Ares., two at phoenix and one at East Fremantle. Four of the players have children playing and one has six grant children playing.

All of this from fifteen members in this photo, just one photo of one team in one year of this clubs magnificent 118 year history.

East Fremantle Lacrosse club is steeped in history linked to many current families involved in this club and we look foward to that history continuing through our current, new and past band of families and members. The one thing we must keep in mind is that past history should not be overlooked along the way in the clubs future. Official photos play a big part in maintaining that history.

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