East Fremantle Lacrosse Club

Volunteer Encouragement Levy

Volunteer Encouragement Levy

Why has this Levy been introduced

As we improve our facilities, coaching and services, the club needs to run more activities in order to cover our higher costs. This is turn means we need more volunteers to help out.

If everyone pitches in, it doesn’t take much per person to get a big overall contribution. And this will take the pressure off the usual contributors who have contributed so much over many years.

A bit of volunteering by each of us is the right thing to do, and it helps us get to know each other better too.

To provide a little encouragement, we have introduced the refundable Volunteer Encouragement Levy. Once we’ve built a Blues culture in which a bit of volunteering is just what we all do, then this levy will be removed.

Who pays and How much?
This is a compulsory (but refundable) levy for all players, to be paid along with Registration Fees.

The levy amount is as follows:
Senior players $40 All senior players
Junior players $40 One payment per family with any junior players

Getting your Levy Refunded
The levy is fully refunded in the form of Blues Bucks once the member completes a modest amount of volunteer work.
Blues Bucks are legal tender for any purchases at the EFLC canteen and bar, and for the purchase of any EFLC merchandise.

Your levy is refunded once you have completed any of the following during the 2017 season:
• Active committee member for at least three months;
• Appointed team manager, coach or referee for at least three games;
• Timekeeper or Bench Official for at least three games (on a rostered basis);
• Undertake a minimum of 5 hours (not necessarily all at once) in bar, canteen, cleaning, busy bees, Bunnings Sausage Sizzles or ground set up activities (on a rostered basis).
• Other volunteering work deemed appropriate.
Rostering is important so that we don’t have 10 people in the canteen one week and no-one the following week.

A parent can do the volunteer work for their junior child, but we would encourage juniors to contribute directly in appropriate areas.

Getting on a roster to help out
Your volunteer activities must be approved by a current board member of the EFLC Board. The approving contact will then make sure your activities are recorded.