Club Award Recipients 2018

Club Person of the Year
Sandra and Greg Hood Junior Club Person of the YearHarrison Buckman
Brent Curran Senior Club Person of the YearBev Leavy


State League Men (Coach: Gavin Leavy)
Jeff Kennedy Fairest & BestMitchell Kennedy
Denham Delfs Most ConsistentRyan Hockey
Frank Poat Best in FinalsRyan Spark
John (Fred) Leavy Highest Goal ScorerCam Evangelho (57)
Coaches AwardRiley Mercer
End of Season Result3rd
State League Women (Coach: Tegan Brown)
Goddard Family Fairest & BestSarah Mutch
Ruth Poat Most ConsistentMadison Copeland
Highest Goal ScorerMadison Copeland (58)
Best in FinalsSarah Mutch
Coaches AwardMia Arai
End of Season ResultMinor Premiers and Premiers - 4th consecutive
Division 2 Men (Coaches: Anthony Smirk, Chris Hockey, Aaron Stammers)
Ron Haskell Fairest & BestChris Thompson
Smith Family Most ConsistentMichael Perry
Smirk Family Highest Goal ScorerLuke Grootveld
Coaches AwardGraeme Cole
End Of Season Result7th
Division 2 Women (Coaches: Michelle Wheeler, Sarah Mutch)
Cukrov Fairest & BestKerry Allen
Milne Family Most ConsistentSusan Milne
Coaches AwardGeorgia Portlock & Bronte Morgan
End Of Season Result5th
Division 3 Men (Coaches: Greg Peacock, Chris Hockey, Paul Buckman)
Gary Kennedy Fairest & BestAaron Stammers
Wayne Curran Most ConsistentGerard Wills
Highest Goal ScorerDavid Whiteman
Best in FinalsAaron Stammers & Gerard Wills
Coaches AwardTrent Jones
End Of Season Result2nd
Special Awards - Senior
Gary Kennedy Most Promising First Year Senior PlayerDylan Chow


17’s Boys (Coach: Cam Evangelho)
Mounsey Family Fairest & BestTyler Redman
Rudderham Family Most ConsistentRiley Mercer
Best in FinalsFin Morgan
Coaches AwardRiley Drennan & Dan Bowater
End Of Season Result4th
17’s Girls (Coaches: Courtney Moulton, Jeff Kennedy)
Doreen Celenza Fairest & BestMadison Copeland
Ann-Marie Hall Most ConsistentOlivia Wills
Best in FinalsOcea Leavy
Coaches AwardSakura Aihara & Rebecca Hewson
End Of Season Result2nd
13’s Girls (Coach: Kirsty Graham, Asst: Olivia Wills)
Fairest & BestMacy Morgan
Most ConsistentAnna Hutchinson
Best in FinalsLucy Wills
Coaches AwardLachlan Wills
End Of Season ResultMinor Premiers and Premiers
13’s Boys (Coach: Gerard Wills, Asst: Mitchell Kennedy)
HC Rudderham Fairest & BestJed Martella
Tony Martella Most ConsistentCharlie Warren
Best in FinalsMatthew Borserini
Coaches AwardPeter Grose
End Of Season ResultMinor Premiers and Premiers
11’s Boys and Girls (Coach: Paul Buckman)
Fairest & BestNo award is presented
Most ConsistentNo award is presented
Best in FinalsNo award is presented
Coaches AwardPresented weekly after each game
End Of Season ResultMinor Premiers and Premiers
Special Awards - Junior
Peter Cann Most Improved Junior BoyRafferty Bennington
Peter Cann Most Improved Junior GirlBindi Buckman & Jenna Mann
Most Promising First Year Junior PlayerKori Rainey

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