Saturday and Sunday Lacrosse

Saturday and Sunday Lacrosse

If you are brand new or tried lacrosse at school or university and liked it, or are nifty or sneaky in other sports then, make the decision and join the Blues – register now!

The Blues – “3 Dials” Development Framework

All our Saturday and Sunday competition lacrosse programs/coaches/players are measured within our 3 dials framework for development, consisting of

  • on field performance,
  • off field performance and
  • development dials.  This frameworks aligns

Our skills acquisition pathway is mapped for each and every player and team and helps the club dial up success for the individual, team, club and wider community.

Mozzie Lacrosse and Thursday Crew

We have programs that run on a Thursday afternoon for Mozzie and Thursday crew players, that is a pathway towards our Saturday and Sunday competition teams.  So if you are a junior and new this is the place start.

Junior Lacrosse – Competition

We have teams in both boys (Saturday) and girls (Sunday) competitions – under 11’s, 13’s, 15’s and 17’s.

And to make sure we have a program for you – our under 11’s (Saturday) program is mixed and so is our under 13’s programs (Saturday and Sunday competitions)

Senior Lacrosse Programs

We have teams in both men’s (Saturday) and women’s (Sunday) competitions.

So its now time to register …

Saturday and Sunday – Things to know

Joining Saturday and Sunday lacrosse is an easy decision:

1.    Both boys and girls play.

2.    The junior programs are run on both Saturday and Sunday – so you can choose your day (subject to age requirements).

3.    The program includes weekly skills training and competitive games – its active fun.

4.    You can choose the club nearest to you – the Blues.

5.    If your child loves the sport, they can join EFLC’s junior development program and fast track their skills and fitness acquisitions.

6.    Saturday and Sunday Lacrosse uses sticks, helmets/goggles, pads and gloves, as required in each grade and style of game, so it is a safe start to the sport.

7.   Our development pathways builds agility, coordination, fitness and skills. But they also learn sportsmanship and teamwork.

8.    Parents can get involved too! It’s easy to join a club coaching session or play with the kids at home.

So, register and get involved in this fast running, fast thinking game. And learn – when we run we win!

Register for Saturday & Sunday Lacrosse

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